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School districts can offer their students and educators the benefits of online learning by forming a partnership with us! Online courses for high school students can help participating districts to:

  1. Reduce the cost of classes with small enrollment
  2. Expand the curricular offerings without the added costs of onsite instruction
  3. Lower dropout and failure rates
  4. Eliminate student travel costs associated with dual enrollment
  5. Offer remediation courses, test preparation, and advanced placement courses
  6. Increase elective offerings

3 Options

1. Virtual
Course offerings allow for online learning with constant access. Students complete the course material at their own pace. For example, students may take an online course because they cannot fit the course into their home school schedule, their home school does not offer the course, or they are on home instruction.

2. Hybrid
Online offerings include scheduled classes during the day that are facilitated or taught by an instructor from your home school or an instructor from our Online Program. For example, school districts may access an online course for courses with low enrollment at the home school. A district's own instructor would teach the course, or if needed, an Online Program instructor could be used.

3. Traditional
Online course material and technology may supplement existing curriculum at the home school. For example, school districts may access online courses to provide additional visuals, lectures, and assignments to curriculae already being taught.

All of our teachers are N.Y. State certified teachers. All teachers are members of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT).

Join Us
A partnership with the Online Courses for High School Students offers the advantages of online learning to participating districts. We make it easy for you and your students!

Online Registration
Your high school counselors can complete the student's registration online.

Textbook/Required Reading
An online textbook is provided to the student in the majority of our courses. However, there are a few exceptions when a textbook must be purchased. The responsibility of purchasing the textbook belongs to the student, home-school or partnering district. To see if your course requires you to purchase a textbook, please review the course offerings section and the course outline section.

No need for students or the high school to purchase software. Internet connectivity is all that is needed.

Website Links
Online offerings may be linked to the web page of your school or district.

Course Development
If the participating district develops an online course to be hosted through the Online Program, there will be a hosting fee per student.

Certificate of Completion/Credit
When students complete all assigned work, recommendation for credit is made to the home school. Credit determination, however, is the sole prerogative of the home school district.

Technical support is readily available from the Online Program. A guidance counselor is also available to work in conjunction with the home school counselor.

Take advantage of our expertise and experience in online learning. Save development and management costs by becoming a partner in our Online Courses for High School Students. Costs for your school district will vary depending on the number of participating students as well as the options selected.

Hands-on Science Labs
NYS requires 1,200 minutes of laboratory experience with satisfactorily documented lab reports in addition to the required classroom instruction in order to sit for a Regents Examination. The lab time can be satisfied with a combination of hands-on and simulated laboratory experience. Many of the science classes have virtual labs included within the course material that will help satisfy the lab requirement. These labs are to be implemented, documented and supervised by a qualified district employee. The district is responsible for scheduling and administering the Regents Examination and retaining the lab reports for 6 months following the completion of the Regents Examination.

AP Exams
Administering the AP exams is the responsibility of the partnering district. All exam fees are the responsibility of the district or the individual student. For more information you can visit

Regents Exams
Administering the Regents Exams is the responsibility of the partnering district.

Partner Information Request
For more information or an online, personal tour on starting your own online program for high school students, complete the following form:
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To register a student you must use the student administration system. To access the system Click Here and enter your user id and password. If you don't have a user id and password contact Theresa Zabransky at 1-888-972-6237 or email